It’s all about brand
and the extension of it
to your marketplace.

Designwrx can add significantly to your virtual resources.

Our adaptability and experience means we can be called upon to provide the entire solution – or simply a component of it.

We have no cumbersome lines of communication. No ‘account managers’ or ‘business development’ interfaces. Simply one to one with the people at the sharp end of production. Our small, close knit team is extended with trusted independent specialists who are briefed in if and when their skillsets – such as copywriting; photography; database development – are required.

And with this resulting in minimal overheads, we can be extremely competitive. A key point in the economic climate that our clients appreciate.

Our core strength is Creativity which is ably supported by technical ability, having been early adopters of the ‘New Media’ digital revolution over the last decade and the dynamic it provided in the marketing arena.

Over 30 years experience in print & packaging has included spending time with aluminium specialists in Portugal; developing concept formats with drink packaging convertors; unique hard copy and digital presentations for dynamic PPQ & tender submissions; applying fresh thinking to make M&S quiche ‘sexy’! Basically, taking your brand to the market whether in print, instore, online.

We think strategically

Creativity is our lifeblood and at the heart of everything we do but first we need to UNDERSTAND.
Strengths. Objectives. Target markets.

We understand

the balance between design and functionality in both online and offline marketing collateral and the crucial role of EFFECTIVE ‘TOOLS’ in your armoury.

We unlock potential

We believe in design as a critical function in adding value by DIFFERENTIATING YOUR BRAND in a crowded marketplace. Enhancing individuality and reputation.

Experience the difference by having a chat about how our creative solutions could help your brand unlock its potential.
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